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About Us


Welcome to our beachside paradise, where breathtaking landscapes and the soothing sound of the sea await. Immerse yourself in a unique experience of spiritual connection as you practice yoga on the shoreline, allowing the gentle lapping of the waves to guide your movements. Join us to find your center amidst the mystical allure of our seaside sanctuary.

In Paamul, nothing comes between you and authentic Caribbean experience. All of your senses will awaken to the salty, warm air, songs of nature, warm golden sand and peaceful vibes.

By Chelsey on

Authentic beachside hotel with a peaceful vibe.

What a beautiful, authentic, mellow hotel. Nice restaurant staff! Sweetest cleaning crew! I stayed with my two children for three nights and loved every minute of it. 

By Julie on

We spent a week exploring the Yucatan peninsula and this was our very favorite hotel! The rooms open right onto the beach and ocean, with lovely porches. Breakfasts, appetizers, and dinners were great at the restaurant. So relaxing and perfect.

By Benjamin on

Such as an amazing jewel. Beautiful quiet beach and with postcard views of the sea. Wonderful staff and excellent meals at the restaurant. Highly recommend!

By Albert

Paamul provides each guest to enjoy a little bit of "Paradise" while leaving behind all your worldly stress. The pleasures of waking up in the hotel with the delightful breeze and ocean sounds coming through our balcony doors, is food and energy for the soul.

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